Las Vegas and the Mojave Desert

When we arrived in Las Vegas, it was late afternoon. We had rented someone’s time-share in a hotel behind one of the casinos through airbnb. Sounds sketchy but was actually really nice for the price.

It was right next to the Bellagio that - according to Jessie - had an enormous water show. I’ll take her to the Autostadt for a real show soon :)…

We walked around on the strip for some time in search for something decent and cheap to eat. We ended up with the most expensive and tiniest pizza “for four” that I’ve seen in my life.

On the next day, Marc and Ines took off to check out the Hoover Dam while Jessie and I stayed in Vegas to check out the old downtown. This area is away from the strip and significantly less busy.

Around there, we found some cool restaurants, bars, and street art. It was definitely my favorite part of town. Furthermore, I drank my first Kool Aid, which was surprisingly good.

The area also had some casinos, some of which looked straight from the 70s.

At the next (and last) night, we saw a show with an Elvis impersonator.

This was mostly because of a member of our group that is a fan and even got to shake the king’s hand.

On the next day, we went back to LA but this time we took a small detour to the south through the Mojave Desert which turned out to be an excellent choice.

During our ride, Ines looked up the Teutonia Peak Trail for which we stopped for a hike.

It was an easy and short trail that gave us a lot of opportunity to look at the amazingly different nature and (at least for me) to be worried about rattle snakes.