Elmwood Cemetery

Today, Jessie and I rode our bikes to the Elmwood Cemetery. This was the second time that we’ve been there. On a bike ride with the Wolverines recently, we rode through there and I thought “hey, we should come back here to take pictures”.

The cemetery - according to its website - is Michigan’s oldest continuously operating, non-denominational cemetery. It was established in 1846.

We certainly have plenty of old cemeteries in Germany, yet few of them have such beautifully designed tombstones and crypts.

Many graves also had statues in various poses, with and without wings, on top of them.

This tombstone was in the Jewish section of the cemetery where some of the, presumably, oldest graves reside. Many of the tombstones were barely readable due to decay.

Some graves had tombstones that were embedded into the ground. I’m assuming that these are “cheaper” options. Sometimes, they were kind of hard to spot since the grass had grown over them.

I was surprised to find this grave here. The Schulenburgs are an old aristrocracy family in the area in Germany that I’m from. I’m assuming that one of their sons made their way to America at some point.