Back in LA

I finally found some time to write the last blog post about our honeymoon trip to Vegas and LA. After our trip back through the Mojave Desert, we arrived back in LA.

There, we decided that we wanted to see one of the film studios and went with Warner Bros. I was personally a little underwhelmed by the locations that we visited but it was a cool experience regardless. We got to see a Harry Potter exhibit including some original pieces from one of the movies.

We also visited a garage that had some bat mobiles and this bat light here.

The city also has a nice Japantown that we visited together with Marc and Ines before they went on their flight to New York.

The remaining days Jessie and I spent wandering around the city and looking at some of the local attractions. Jessie wanted to see the La Brea Tar Pits. I wasn’t really interested initially but had a good experience after all.

The place had a nice outdoor garden in which we spent some time to take pictures.

The exhibit was displaying the animals that were found in the pit but what surprised me most was that there actually still was a tar pit that was bubbling out methane.

On our walk around the city, we found a part of the Berlin Wall that somehow made its way over to LA.

Since we had booked a Red-eye flight back to Detroit, we had a whole day to spend with our luggage after checking out of the airbnb. We decided to drive to the airport, drop off the suitcase and then make our way to the closest beach.

It turned out that this wasn’t the greatest plan since we still had all our carry-on with us but the beach itself was awesome.

We went on a pier, took pictures of surfers from there, and went up and down the beach promenade afterwards.

I think if I ever come back to LA, I’d like to focus the trip on the beaches over there. They were truly amazing and just like “in the movies”. Maybe, I could even give surfing a try…