I had taken a week off around the 3rd of October since that day is a holiday in Germany . Jessie and I wanted to go on a city trip in Europe and we decided that Prague would be a good starting point.

We took the train which just took an hour longer than the car and should make the travel a little more relaxing. To my surprise, we even had WiFi (at least on the way there).

When we arrived, we were greeted by cloudy and rainy weather.

Therefore, we started with a tour of old churches that - for the most part - was indoors anyway. I’m not a big fan of guided tours but this one was very entertaining which certainly was due to the great tour guide that we had (and the beers along the way that the tour guide had had).

The tour started by taking the train to Kutna Hora.

In that town, we visited around 4 old churches and cathedrals and listened to the interesting stories that the guide had to offer.

The highlight of the tour was the bone chapel who’s interior decoration was completely made out of human remains. Jessie had heard of these types of churches before and wanted to see one for herself.

The rest of the days we spent wandering around the city and exploring the different neighborhoods.

I had been looking for old Soviet style buildings to visit in Prague but apparently the Czech Republic has been very eager to remove everything related to the Soviet occupants as soon as they could after the union fell apart. Therefore, not very much was left. The only thing we saw was the Žižkov Television Tower which was built in the late 80s.

Žižkov Television Tower

Žižkov Television Tower

The trip was great and relaxing and the city is certainly worth a visit. I was a bit disappointed by the core city center which had amazing looking architecture and all the sights that you would expect but unfortunately was as touristy as can be. There was no spot to stand at from which you couldn’t see at least one souvernir shop. In the other neighborhoods, Prague felt much more honest and friendly.

Swan lake sunset