Hike to Castle Regenstein

Winter has been very mild here up until February. Then, temperatures went into the negative (Celsius) and it snowed a little here and there. Nevertheless, we wanted to go hiking and explore a different part of the Harz. I had looked up a route online and the weather on that Sunday two weeks ago was supposed to be perfect. So Björn, Käthe, Jessie, and I took off to explore the area around the Castle Ruin Regenstein.

The hiking trail first took us to the remains of the old Regenstein Mill.

Thanks to a reconstruction effort, it was possible to envision the old setup and how the buildings and mechanisms may have looked.

The next part was a pretty uneventful forest hike on almost flat surface but the sky cleared up and we were able to enjoy some sunshine.

After a while, we arrived at the next scenic stop on the trip: the sandstone caves.

They are located in the middle of the forest and are part of what seems to be an odd white sand island. According to the website, Germanic tribes had already used this area for their meetings.

After that, it was only a short yet very steep hike up the hill to the castle ruin.

From the top, we had a great view of the surrounding forest.

The castle has a small museum built in that contains some of the items found there. Who would’ve known what this is, for example?

That part was a little disappointing since it didn’t seem that the curators cared all that much. Some rooms and items that looked very interesting were not labeled at all.

Nevertheless, this trip was well worth the time and was a great excuse to go out on a cold day. The next time, we can maybe try a different location in the Harz since I’d seen a few alternate options during my search.