Blackbirds Season Opening

Who would’ve thought that my first baseball game would be in Germany and not in the U.S.? On Sunday, the Wolfsburg Blackbirds were playing their season opening game(s) against teams from Potsdam and Magdeburg.

Actually, this was their very first competitive game since the team was founded a little more than a year ago by a group of baseball enthusiasts in Wolfsburg.

Our friend Björn is one of them and he and his teammates had been building up their own baseball field on top of a soccer field.

They added protective fences and some rudimentary bleachers - enough for the approximately 100 people that came to watch the opening game.

Many of the visitors were friends and family and they had organized beer, hot dogs, and cake. All of which made the nice and sunny spring afternoon even more enjoyable.

The game certainly was fun, even though three of them were a little bit much for us. I now understand how people enjoy a game like this: it is a fun afternoon with friends, beer, food, and the occasional exciting situation on the field. We are definitely coming back another time.